About Us

We are a team of seasoned professionals specializing in development consultancy within the construction sector.


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We are industry leaders, having honed our skills across a broad spectrum of construction specialties. This includes pre-construction consulting, construction management, project supervision, risk management, and contract negotiation and acquisition. We are proud to have guided countless projects from inception to completion, always delivering on time and within budget.


I am blessed to have a career creating and building spaces that have and continue to provide joyful memories for others. I take pride in knowing that for over twenty-five years I’ve been working on or with both internationally and national brands. I have used my consulting, negotiating, and construction skills to bring my client’s vision to life with outstanding results.

Sandra Karp

Chief Executive Officer CEO

Close to thirty years of rich experience in the construction industry has given me an expertise in the management of construction projects. I am committed to pursuing quality, efficiency and precision every step of the way; from the initial planning phase all the way to grand opening, I strive for the highest standards.

Jamie Karp

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

From Concept to Completion, We’re with you!